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Press Release

Vester Kopi A/S Acquires All Activities in Northmann A/S

Copenhagen 14th of August 2009. All activities in Northmann A/S, have been transferred into a new company, 100 percent owned by Vester Kopi A/S. All contracts and partnerships have been transferred, resulting in a continuous flow for the existing Northmann customers.
Customers under Maintenance Contracts have access to updated releases and support through the usual channel, .
About Vester Kopi
Vester Kopi A/S is the largest digital print company in Denmark with yearly revenue of approx. EUR 20 million. The company has approx. 150 employees and 6,000 customers in Denmark. Vester Kopi’s holding company - WT invest A/S - started investing in technology companies 8 month ago, acquiring firstly Now the IT acquisitions have continued by taking over all activities in Northmann A/S. Vester Kopi’s shareholders see an increasing demand from customers for more automated workflow systems to help drive down the cost of their daily graphic production.
President & CEO of Vester Kopi, William Schulin-Zeuthen, who is also the majority shareholder of the company, was initially the founder of Northmann in 2002. In 2006 he stepped into Vester Kopi, and as an obvious consequence Vester Kopi became one of the largest users of Northmann in Denmark. William Schulin-Zeuthen says: ‘After I left Northmann I always have had a desire to buy back Northmann, because the technology within the field of Media Asset Management software is World Class. Now suddenly we had the chance to make that happen”. For more information about Vester Kopi please visit: .
Continuous Development
The development activities will continue with both general roadmap-focused development activities and customer-focused development projects. Among improvements expected in the near future is the Release 6.5, planned for October 2009 including:
  • First class integration to XMPie(tm)
  • Statistics Module with tracking on user and action level, incl. export interface
  • Improved WEB interface with many improvements and performance optimizations
Release 7.0 - as scheduled for 2010 - will among other things include:
  • Replaced and improved colour engine
  • AdBuilder functionality (InDesign created templates published in the WEB interface exported as PDFs)
Furthermore, the Northmann Solution will be integrated into the Vester Kopi customer oriented activities, generally improving the image handling and workflow.
Continuous Support and Sales
Sales of the Northmann Media Server product will be handled both directly and through our established partners, including Xerox Europe. Primary sales-responsible in the new company will – for a beginning - be William Schulin-Zeuthen, who is familiar with the Northmann Media Server Product, and Northmann customers and partners.
The Northmann team is looking forward to enhance its professional relationship with you and would like to assure you that the Northmann product team will strive to deliver the best solutions for you; now and in the future.
For further information, please contact Northmann at or simply reply to this mail.
Best regards,
William Schulin-Zeuthen
President & CEO
Vester Kopi as

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