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Northmann's innovative system is offered in one customised software series. The Enterprise Series.
The software gives you ability to easily find, use, and print your marketing material. At very competitive and affordable prices.

Material is archived automatically. And so things are easily tracked from your desktop.

The software operates with only one digital master image which means no duplicates, no storage of copies, and hence no mistakes. All specifications and changes made are stored as meta data together with the Digital Master. All material is available over the web. This makes it easy for you to control and distribute images and documents for the whole organization; subsidiaries, distributors, agencies, and press inclusive.

Based on only one Digital Master



Search, drag and drop directly into Adobe InDesign® and Quark Xpress® using plugin technology – instead of searching folders on file servers.

Designers can select or deselect clipping paths at any time during the layout process. External designers or staff working from home can access all images and graphics in the media base from their web account, download copies for use in their InDesign or QuarkXpress documents. After finishing their work the layout-documents can be uploaded over the web.

Microsoft Office® users can benefit from sharing content with designers. They can search the same media database for content to drag and drop any image into their MS Word® or MS PowerPoint® document - just like the designers do.

Administrators can use the Northmann Media Client to operate the whole palette of the system. They can - for instance - edit meta data, assign user rights to the system, order images for other additional applications, eg. Dreamweaver®, GoLive®, Front Page® etc.

Northmann software clients include Design, Office, Media, and Web Clients.

Search, drag, and drop


Images generated by the Northman system can be used for virtually any CMYK print, or electronic RGB media purpose, quickly and on-the-fly.The Northmann system enables you to generate print-ready files with an exact and predictable quality in terms of image quality, size, resolution, colour space and colour separation, directly from artwork.

Northmann’s systems are optimized for FreeFlow, and Northmann’s systems accomodate the whole range of Xerox printers; iGen, DocuTech, DocuColor, DocuPrint, Nuvera and Wide Format.number of clients and only for “cleared” personnel.le of a customer who uses Northmann Enterprise to fight bottlenecks and improve productivity.

Adresses any printing method

Where We live


When implementing the Northmann system, re-use of images will improve, brand control will get better, and overall costs of operation will decrease.

The overall effect is more marketing for less effort.

Low start up costs. When initiated after installation, the Northmann system automatically registers and indexes all existing files on the file server and creates metadata and thumbnails for the files in the new media database. The indexing functionality is event based, and as such, it registers and indexes all new files on the file server instantly. Material is then available for search and use from all Northmann software clients: Design, Office, Media, and Web Clients.

No time-consuming manual indexing or renaming of existing files on file servers.

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