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The Northmann Enterprise series is designed for companies handling many media documents, for those needing fast and easy web browser access to their media documents, and for creative production staff and companies requiring solutions which integrate into their overall IT infrastructure. Enterprise reduces costs, offers fast access to media files, and delivers images ready to use for any type of media: providing on-demand delivery (self service) over the web and design applications using a centralised media database.

Northmann Enterprise features web access allowing you to publish and share all your media documents via the Internet. Web users have transparent access to all media files, with complete preview and metadata information. Web users have access to search, edit and order media files, including access to background processing of images to the ordered size, scaling, colour space and file format (without any operator intervention.) A true 24/7 self-service web access to the Enterprise system functionality.



One upload for all clients
Enterprise features automatic, event based registration of new media files. Including automatic keyword generation, automatic generation of data for all standard search fields, automatic generation of thumbnails and previews, automatic archiving of clipping paths from Photoshop® images and automatic indexing of PDF, Office, InDesign and QuarkXpress files for full text search. Upload is available directly to the file server from any client, FTPservers and from Web Clients. Once a file is uploaded, it is immediately available for all Web, Design and Media Clients, for search, editing and ordering.

Extensive search options
Free text search just like web search engines. Search by keywords, file types, dates, custom information fields, caption fields, and hierarchical categories. Full text search of PDF, InDesign, Quark and Word/PowerPoint files.

Workflow control
Advanced User/Rights access controls differentiated access to view, edit and order media documents. Approval checkpoints track and control image usage through all workflow stages.

Project functionality groups images, graphics, text files and templates for easy organising and access to jobs in production. Revision functionality enables tight control of who is editing any image and keeps a history of changes to the image. Copyright information easily accessible.

The Digital Image Master
The Digital Master technology secures cross-media image production by generating an individual copy of the original digital master image for the selected output media; whether laser, digital, offset print, poster print, web or presentation. (In much the same way as Photoshop does manually). The Media Server uses individual settings for each image: colour conversion, size, scale, cropping, clipping paths, output file format, output colour space, sharpening (USM), image resolution and file format.

Colour management
A state-of-the-art ICC compliant colour management system is used for image processing. Using a suite of professional ICC profiles (included) as well as your own custom created ICC profiles.

Clipping paths
Clipping paths from Photoshop are automatically extracted and stored in the database appended to the digital master image, allowing Design, Media and Web Clients to apply clipping paths to ordered images, which will be processed as output files with Photoshop clipping paths.

Web access module
Internet users can search the database and download or order any type of media documents. Many media documents may be collected in a shopping basket for background processing and delivering, freeing the web browser faster. Old orders may be tracked for repetitive delivery. Delivery may be chosen from FTP, FTP hotel or e-mail – all with e-mail notification.

Open for integration
The XML Server features integration with customers Content Management Systems, e-commerce systems, logistics, catalogue and automated Ad production systems. The XML Server handles batch processing of all types of media files, including individually processed images for web, presentations, laser print or offset print - processed according to requests from the external systems

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