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Value for you

One Digital Master is Enough
Northmann’s unique Digital Master technology where images are stored along with any clipping paths and colour corrections offers you a high degree of flexibility. Having only one digital master means that you avoid storing duplicates and thereby eliminating the risk of using the wrong image. Store Once Use Many. A quality of our technology is that any person who can handle a computer can order images in the size and file format they need. The output part of our systems is designed for plug and play over the Internet.

If you choose to establish an RGB based workflow it will, in the vast majority of cases, allow you to distribute high-resolution images via a local area network far more effectively and efficiently. And at the same time make more effective use of image storage space.

It is normally possible to transmit files without extending the existing band width because assets stored in Northmann’s RGB technology take up much less space. When a job is completed, all specifications and any alterations made are stored as an instruction (meta data) together with the asset. The instruction takes up minimal space. That explains why our system normally requires 25-50% less transmission capacity than other systems.

You do not necessarily have to go in to RGB if you want to implement our system. However, you will get extra benefit by doing so. The progress of digital cameras and the acceptance of digital imaging by photographers are increasing the benefits very fast.

An Entire Workflow
Our system is not just a database with a web browser interface. All users, staff, or customers can access your digital assets. When accessed, assets can be transmitted and re-edited easily over the web. This means your users - all over the world - are only a few mouse-clicks away from working with the assets.

The introduction of our system will add improved control and speed to your entire job administration. You are simply able to SEE what you work with. Moreover, the one digital original ensures you that you do not work with a wrong copy or version.

Finally, you do not have to muddle your way through different departments in your company in order to get the job done. Northmann software systems can arrange all repro work in one format: RGB. This enables you to sit comfortably at your desk and work through all stages of the DTP workflow.

Protects the Brand
Whilst the system is working, it will save you money. But at the same time you acquire consistency in your marketing presentation, simply because every time a product is shown, it is shown by the same master image. All over the world. The centralisation makes it possible to manage and control your marketing standards carefully.

When images are stored homogeneously into the database, they can be combined freely for instance in an advertisement, irrespective of the fact that they may be digitised by two different companies. Due to Northmann’s automation of colour management it is possible to guarantee colour consistency between images originating from various sources and whatever the final output or presentation medium will be.

Reduces Costs
As mentioned above handling and distributing costs are dramatically reduced. When implemented, the Northmann system also supports new ways of organising job administration and project management.

When all staff simultaneously is able to see, download, and manipulate images and documents, it is possible further to sustain cross-disciplinary working, and thereby optimise the job-flow. In that way the Northmann system is a way of improving quality and resource utilisation in the workflow.

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