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Our business philosophy is to turn complexity into simplicity. To bring order to chaos by introducing our methodology, and thereby acquire large increases in productivity. Our products embrace the knowledge and technique of the professional graphics tradesman, to maximise the use and value of material; whether it is images or other documents.

In our team we have some of the best software engineers in Denmark. Combined with a very experienced and internationally founded management with a long, successful track record within the IT, Software, Content and Graphic Art Industries.

The management team at Northmann consists of William Schulin-Zeuthen CEO of Northmann and Mark Berry UK presales

William Schulin-Zeuthen
Tel: + 45 2022 1262
Mark Berry Tel: + 44 7922 156 542


Northmann    ·    Falkoner Allé 8    ·    2000 Frederiksberg C    ·    Denmark    ·    Ph. No. +45 20 22 12 62    ·    e-mail:

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